It Took Billy, by Miguel Lopez de Leon.j
It Took Billy, by Miguel Lopez de Leon.j

(Not Suitable For Children)

It Took Billy



The handwritten journal of a boy named Billy was found in a hollow tree trunk in the woods. The pages from the first half of the notebook had been ripped out. At the time the journal was discovered, Billy had been missing for three months.


It Took Billy is a dark fantasy for adult readers. The story centers around the harrowing journey of a teenage boy who is abducted by an ancient demon, and thrust into a twisted world full of cruel magic, powerful mystics, and enraged immortals. Left with nothing but his notebook and a pen, Billy chronicles every detail of his terrifying ordeal.


This is Billy’s journal.




Reader Views Literary Awards

(Horror Category)



2019 Eric Hoffer Book Awards

(Commercial Fiction Category)

"The writing is exquisite, and every word propels the reader deeper into the folds of a world crafted with meticulous detail. It’s one of those books that are so absorbing you can’t put down, but at the same time are actually afraid to see what comes next. Some of the twists in the story will truly make you wonder and just when you think the story can’t get any darker, Lopez de Leon knocks it out of the park with a development that is so creative and distinct it just leaves you stunned."

-Reader Views Review

"The author’s descriptions of the disgusting rituals shift the novel from fantasy to horror and keep the pages turning. Its easy-to-read narration is as addictive as the drugged bread Billy eats."

-BlueInk Review

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Babble Magic, by Miguel Lopez de

Babble Magic ​

Wizards. Magic. Squirrels?


Bax is the young apprentice of a very ill-tempered sorcerer. Together, they make up the obscure field of wizardry known as Babble Magic––a branch that focuses on trying to make animals speak. So far, they have had zero success. But after years of grueling work, a moody squirrel finally begins to utter a single word.


Is this irritable squirrel the breakthrough that Bax and his mentor have been waiting for? With the annual wizard convention just around the corner, they want to make sure to have something––anything––to report. And with other magical branches like Dream Magic, Shadow Magic, and Fairy Magic as their competition, a lot is riding on this grouchy woodland creature!


Babble Magic is an exciting fantasy adventure full of deadly combat, media-savvy sorceresses, blind ambition, and a whole world bursting with supernatural danger!


Babble Magic.

This squirrel is nuts.


2019 Eric Hoffer Book Awards

(Science Fiction & Fantasy Category)


2019 Eric Hoffer Book Awards

(Short List)



Reader Views Literary Awards

(Teen Category)

"A thoughtful middle grade fantasy adventure full of humor and heart. Ideal for anyone looking for something fresh and new in the world of witches and wizardry, Miguel Lopez de Leon’s Babble Magic has a timeless message of keeping an open heart and mind while minding words and actions."

-Foreword Clarion Review

"I loved Babble Magic. I wish books like this had been around when I was a kid! The animals taking on human characteristics make the story a lot of fun to read. I look forward to checking out other books by this author, and I hope he continues writing stories about these characters."

-Paige Lovitt, Reader Views Review


"I think my favorite part in the book was the author’s description of the wizard convention. I actually felt like I was there, experiencing all the different forms of magical attractions that were on display. I would recommend

Babble Magic by Miguel Lopez de Leon to fifth graders and up who like that magical feeling that you get when you read about Harry Potter shopping at Diagon Alley."

-Reader Views KIDS​​

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