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Galadria: (Book One)
Peter Huddleston & The Rites of Passage 

  • ISBN-10: 0692227261 

  • ISBN-13: 978-0692227268   


The Galadria trilogy is about Peter Huddleston, a lonely boy who discovers that he is the heir to the throne of the politically unstable realm of Galadria! Peter must complete four ancient quests to prove his worthiness to inherit the crown, before a power-hungry nobleman named Knor Shadowray takes control! Armed with his trusty boomerang, an assortment of magical chocolates, and his friendly white tiger, Rune, Peter is catapulted through dangerous and wondrous adventures in this action-packed series! Filled with grumpy, watermelon-sized ladybugs, childlike oracles, enchanted weapons, deadly spies, and a sprawling three thousand room manor, the Galadria trilogy is an exciting collection you'll cherish!



Galadria : Peter Huddleston & The Rites of Passage was chosen as one of 

Kirkus Review's "BEST BOOKS OF 2014." 

"A resounding success that will have audiences begging for more."

-Kirkus Reviews 


"Peter Huddleston and the Rites of Passage opens a promising fantasy trilogy for readers from middle grade through adulthood, offering a story that's action-packed, funny and with a solid moral center."

-BlueInk Review 


"There is much excitement for readers young and old as Peter undergoes the Rites, with just enough tension and malice to make things interesting." 

-Valerie Porter,

"It's a great story for families to enjoy together."

 -SPR Review

Galadria: Peter Huddleston & The Rites of Passage , by Miguel Lopez de Leon
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