Blue Cloak Warrior, by Miguel Lopez de L

  • ISBN: 9781098316198 (print)

  • ISBN: 9781098316204 (ebook)

Caspian Wells, a district leader, and the strongest water elemental in his domain, has just been nominated to join The Five—a council of the most powerful rulers that govern the land of Merr. Before he can claim his seat on the ruling council, Caspian must first conquer a series of quests in four different realms.

Nes: The Bird Realm

Fros: The Ice Realm

Thew: The Warrior Realm

Dron: The Underwater Realm

During his quests, Caspian must face winged adversaries, manipulative spectral phantoms, deadly serpentine foes, and cunning merfolk. 

Will he succeed and rule Merr? Or will he lose everything trying to reach a position he never had any hope of attaining?

From the award-winning author who brought you the Galadria trilogy, Carry the Knight, The Unicorn, 

The Covens of Elmeeria, The Light Dweller, 

Babble Magic, and It Took Billy comes a new young-adult fantasy that explores the nature of leadership and the risks people take to reach the top.

Caspian spent his entire life trying to be good.

Now he might have to give up everything to be great.

Blue Cloak Warrior

"The author blends science fiction and fantasy to create a compelling story and unique setting. Readers will undoubtedly welcome more tales that develop his intriguing world, should de Leon decide to offer them." 

-BlueInk Review

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