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Galadria: Peter Huddleston & The Knights of the Leaf, by Miguel Lopez de Leon
Galadria: (Book Three)
Peter Huddleston & The Knights of the Leaf

  • ISBN-10: 0692227288

  • ISBN-13: 978-0692227282

Join Peter and his family as they journey into the very heart of Galadria!

All seems lost, before Peter and his grandfather must travel to the Galadrian forests, and seek help from the mysterious and elusive Knights of the Leaf! Peter's quest is filled with serpent priestesses, brave knights, a barrage of magical weapons, a clan of paper-thin warriors, a royal family of political fairies, and a host of other astonishing Galadrian creatures! Peter and his family must make hard choices, and sacrifice everything for their beloved golden realm! Book Three in the Galadria series is chock-full of magic, sweets, battle, hope, death, revelation, and above all, courage! Come join the adventure!

"A grand finish to a YA trilogy that never fails to challenge audience expectations."

-Kirkus Reviews


"With the close of his Galadria trilogy, Miguel Lopez de Leon packs battles, travel and adventure into a story that's ultimately about family ties. Peter Huddleston and the Knights of the Leaf goes out with a bang."

-BlueInk Review 


"Author de Leon's vividly descriptive writing and talent for the fantasy genre are still very much on display." 

-Valerie Porter,

"Once again, the writing in this book is superb and the story is fast paced and

action-packed. This is definitely an author to keep an eye on." 
-SPR Review

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