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The Light Dweller 

  • ISBN-10: 0692888586 

  • ISBN-13: 978-0692888582


Ben knew he was about to die. He had fallen into an impossibly deep, pitch-black, underground cavern. He had no food or water, was down to his last flickering candle, and felt like he was losing his mind.


Far below the surface of the earth are a number of astonishing cities, each with its own enchantments, magic and lore. One of the most ancient cities is about to lose its only light source, and be plunged into complete darkness. To prevent this, a hero must retrieve three sacred objects from several forbidden domains. This brave warrior must survive poison, combat, telepathy, living nightmares, and underwater realms.

Ben was not a brave warrior. He was just a lost, lonely boy, stumbling in the shadows.


All Ben wanted was a home.

All they wanted was a hero.


















Nautilus Book Awards

(Middle Grade Fiction Category)



Reader Views Literary Awards

(Fantasy Category)



 National Indie Excellence Awards

(Fantasy Category)


“With dynamic characters, well-built cities inside a fascinating world, and an intriguing storyline that pushes your imagination to the limits, The Light Dweller by Miguel Lopez de Leon is a thrilling fantasy I recommend for all ages.”

-Sheri Hoyte, Reader Views Review 

“Author Miguel Lopez de Leon creates a vast underground world in his latest youth fantasy. The beings and realms are nothing less than fantastical, and fantasy enthusiasts, especially middle-grade readers will find Ben’s journey engaging.”

-Pacific Book Review

“My favorite part about the author’s writing was the sheer imagination and creativity that was used to create both terrifying and enchanting characters, as well as his ability to create a whole world unique to other popular science fiction settings.”
-Faryal Jabbar, Reader Views KIDS

The Covens of Elmeeria, by Miguel Lopez de Leon
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